Crushed by my Crush

Zumina Ruedella
Crushed by my Crush


this is where my crush lived*


    “Can we go to the deli store?” I asked promptly to my friend Bryanna. We just got off the forty one bus and I was tying my shoe. “Sure, but you have to buy me something. You stupid Zumina, you just learned how to tie your shoe in seventh grade. Come on let’s have a party at your place!” replied Bryanna. I got up and crossed the street with her. I laughed and rolled my eyes. “No, let not have a party.” I yelled at her.
                  We got out of the deli in about one minute and walked two blocks home. Along the way, I talked about the dumbest things like how Bryanna just stepped on an ant. I could tell that it was so young. Then we started talking about crickets. There was a garden on my block and there were crickets. I got out my iPod touch and taped on the cricket ringer. It was quite interesting when the crickets got louder at making noise. We ran when we heard something. At the end of our conversation, we were talking about dancing. Bryanna showed be some of her dance moves which were horrible. Then I showed her my best move which was my horrible move on purpose. She started to laugh out loud. She explained to me “Zumina, you can’t dance and Zumina, you’re weird!” “Why thank you.” I replied in the best Britain accent I could do.
              I heard laughing. I was thinking that it was bryanna but when I looked at her she was looking at a red brick house. She was looking up at the second floor. I turn around to see my crush’s house. I look up to see my crush laughing up a storm. I drop my wallet to the ground. I quickly turn around and blush. Bryanna and I walk off like nothing happened. When the coast was clear, I told her, “My crush, bryanna, my crush, that was my crush! Now he thinks that I dance funny!” I was about to have panic attack when bryanna said “But you do dance funny! Look into the bright side.” I tried to look at the bright side but that just hurts my eyes. I says goodbye and tells me to wait for her tomorrow at the bus stop. I turn round and ring the doorbell. The door opens to my five year old brother. I give him a bag of cheese doodle. I walk to my birds and see them so happy. I cry to myself “there is no bright side!” I yell to myself.
           On October 2nd, 2012, it was a warm day and a little windy. I just got outside of my house and headed to my mail box to check the mail. I was hoping for a letter saying I won the art contest but no. Instead I find a blue origami box. I open it and see my wallet and a note. I totally forgot that I had dropped my wallet. I open up the note. It read “You dance funny. From Tajean” “Omg, omg, there is a bright side!” I assumed.