Exhilarating Rollercoaster Ride!

Alexandria Hoang

            The bar of the final car was latched when I tumbled into it so I couldn’t get out to go on the next ride with my cousins. My cousin got in the warm set next to me as the attendant walked away to commence the rollercoaster cars. The cars set about to move out from under the shades into the bright sun that was always strongest at noon time. I was trying to distract myself as the roller coaster cars were making its way to the loftiest section of the tracks with the conversations that were occurring between the different people also on the ride.


I held onto the bar as tight as I can as if I was trying to dig my fingernails in the metal. I began to shut my eyes when it was at the climax. I heard the crackling of the wheels on the blue tracks. I kept on murmuring to myself, “I’m not going to fall, I’m not going to fall, I’m not going to fall.” My cousin was across from me on the seat with a big smile when I opened my eyes curious about what was happening. Before I could get a word out of my mouth to ask him something, the cars dashed down the tracks. All of a sudden, my voice went full blast while my cousin was hysterically laughing. I was so terrified that I just wanted to escape the bad nightmare. When the roller coaster cars got near the entrance, I spotted my relatives under the huge green trees grimacing at me. Then I felt my glasses slipping off my sweaty nose and I remembered that I was supposed to remove them before I entered the ride. I began panicking about it until I heard other high pitched screams at the same time that it caused me a headache.

In a blink of an eye, the ride ended as quickly as it started. I was so amazed that I made it through the ride, and that I wasn’t on my way to the emergency room. My cousin nudged me to get out of the car but I felt like as if I was paralyzed. I realized at the moment that my new blue expensive glasses were gone until my awesome cousin literally shocked me when he swiftly placed them on my nose. Suddenly, a wide smirk replaced my dumbfounded expression as I twirled out of the car.


            I never really thought that something so horrifying could be so interesting and fantastic! That was the first time I’ve ever went on a rollercoaster, or even anything that was frightening to me. I still have a certain fear about anything that is high off the ground, but I always manage to find myself on one.