Our Birthday

Tania. A. Thomas

It was an early spring afternoon at 2:00 .p.m. I was watching TV until my mom called me into the kitchen to help her with the food for the party. I put the chips and dips in a bowls when I heard my dad and brother, Tereak, come through the door with the balloons and other decorations. They put them in the living room where the party was going to be and scattered the balloons all over the room, hanged the decorations,  move the glass living room table into the bedroom so we have enough room for everyone. Afterwards I finished helping my mom I the kitchen.


            Meanwhile in the living room I could hear my dad playing music, warming up for the party. We all heard the doorbell ring. Tereak went to answer the door. It was my god brother, his mom and more of my cousins. Soon more of my family came. It was awesome time we ate, laugh, and danced. Soon after it was time cut the cake. My mom bought a candle that sang happy birthday. We all got around the table and then they started singing happy birthday to my brother and I. next the candle sang happy birthday. We ate chocolate cake and hanged out for a while then everyone went home leaving presents .


            Looking back it was fun and I learned that was the best birthday party ever because I spent our birthday with my family, my brother and I loved it.