An Elevator Overwhelmed With Terror

Taisha Gomez
   It was a misty winter day whom was yet to be the most terrifying night of my life. we were determined to assist the most horrifying elevator yet! my brother and I were neglected in what seemed to be the most lonesome occupied space ever. 



  Unlike my brother, I was able to recognize the mysterious yet sinister audio. the large and or great audio transmitted itself throughout the occupied space. I identified the audio automatically , large moans surrounded the bare sinister walls in which we were trapped in. In extend I also categorized and or identified enormous screams who seemed to avoid the elevator from functioning properly as they increased. instantly at that particular moment the elevator came towards a halt. at that precise moment, my greatest desire was to escape that sinister audio.  however the interaction between my skin and the diabolical elevator was not functioning. the cold frigid wall surrounded both my brother as well as me.  as time elapsed the air began to become as thin as possible ( the lack of oxygen had begun).



   I  was determined to be courageous nevertheless a series and or a variety of odors arrived in what seemed to be based on my point of view an enormous  pressure against my pure pink flesh. The particular odor was capable of transferring itself around our innocent physical appearance. Instantly at that precise moment I identified (gas and or smoke) it traveled among the bronze unpleasant textured walls, which were overwhelmed with sinister as well as a series of wonders and or thoughts. the essential benefits that were necessary was nowhere nearby. Both my brother and I were overwhelmed with a series of neglect -ion.


  It was that instant scenario in which I have collapsed against the hard textured frigid floor. I was able to hear my brother’s exclaims, as well as large and or enormous screams. Fortunately I was able to wake up in what seemed to be a hospital!