Father's Day Feast

Chloe Ramirez


 My Stepmom wanted to take my Dad to “Ripley’s  Believe it or Not” on Father’s day. When we got to the front there were numerous people surrounding a table. There were tons of pans on the table with bugs in  jars and even a scorpion. “This is where you brought me? Yay!” my Dad said. As soon as we moved closer to the table the chef came to the table. “Would anyone like to try some cooked scorpion?” My dad’s hand shot up and he grabbed a piece of the cooked scorpion.


       “What do you think?” the chef guy asked. “It’s amazing!” My dad said in return. About a second later a man asked if we both wanted to do a father, daughter activity. Right before I could object my Dad said yes and the man came back with scorpion legs. “Ready, Chloe?” “Sure.” We both took a leg and the news people took our pictures. “Yum, it’s delicious,” my dad said clearly exaggerating, while I nearly threw up. Then the guy came back out with a colombian ant. “Chloe, do you want to try it?” he asked me with pleading eyes. “Sure, but only because it’s fathers day.”


       I grabbed the ant and gagged it down. It was the worst thing I ever ate. Afterwards my Dad told me that he had the best fathers day ever. Which I would agree on. We even got a free ticket, that we still haven’t used. I just hope I never have to do this again.