A trip to Mexico

Kevin Ramiez

            I got on the plane and I could hear everyone having a conversation at the airport. As we left I could hear the plane engine starting as we took off. I felt excited but at the same time frightened. My dad helped me stay calm until I was not nervous anymore. As we started to land I could see Mexico and how it looked.



            When we landed I could feel how hot it was. I got out, it felt as if I was on fire. Getting closer to the house I could hear a sizzle. I got in just to hear a horrifying ‘Boo!’. It was my grandpa trying to scare me and it scared the skin off of me. When I went out I saw my grandma cooking. Out of the ordinary I saw a cat, but when I tried to grab the cat, it raked my arm.



 I cried so much I could have filled a bath tub. The pain was so awful. I learned not to make friends with a cat you do not know.Then we had to leave but I did not want to. Then I finally calmed down and we left. When I got home there was a surprise waiting.