Sleeping Next to Fire

Amera Hussein



      I’m in Ohio visiting my sister and her baby which is my nephew. Right now I am trying to go to sleep and it is 10:00 in the night. My sister is starting to cook for her husband and my nephew is running around the house crying and screaming at the same time. I go to the guest room and lay on the bed with fatigue.

      I wake up to a kind of burning smell like smoke. I scanned the room with my eyes and see the table, the T.V. on, the lamp on, and the closet closed. Thinking everything is fine I speed-walk to the kitchen hoping my sister is there. When I realize she isn’t there I stare at the kitchen wall and stove and oven. The wall is all black and the oven and stove is burned. I stare at everything so surprised at what had happened. I then rush to my sister worried that something bad had happened to her or if she got hurt. My sister is in the room hushing the baby to sleep. When he falls asleep me and my sister enter the living room.

     My sister tells me everything that happened. At first I don’t believe her but then I take another look in the kitchen and I believe her. She says she was cooking while her husband was playing around with the baby. While cooking something went wrong with the oil and the pot on the stove just burst into flames. She said she can see the golden fire on the stove becoming huge.

      Then her husband went to go get the fire extinguisher. I asked If she was okay and she replied to me with “oh yes, I’m fine, don’t worry this has happened to me before”. “I just can’t believe that you had slept through all that”. I told her “yeah, me neither, I guess I’m a really heavy sleeper”. We then both started laughing about everything that had happened.