42nd Street

Ovaldi Sandoval


            I had just got out of the subway I stepped on the sidewalk and heard a lot of talking when I went street to street. I also got tapped by a lot of people in the shoulder. I first went to Toys R Us because my little sister loves that place a lot. We got to check the enormous dinosaur and a person in a captain America suit was hitting on my sister.

Then I went into the Ferris wheel and there was an enormous line and when we got there a person put us in a plain cart I was so mad at the person then I felt the wind in my hair. When we were done me and my sisters went to the candy section of Toys R Us. When I got there I saw a pack of nerds half of my sister’s height and then I saw a lollipop the size of my head. When we got out of the store I knocked over a poor guy’s cup filled with a lot coins. I rushed with my sister with shame.

When I rushed with shame I had ran into Elmo, Cookie Monster, Minnie mouse, Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty, and Jack Sparrow so I had to take a photo of my sister. Also, I had to go to M&M world and Hershey world since my little sister had never been there. I was taking funny pictures with my two sisters in M&M world and I also saw people stealing candy since no one can see them. Also, I hit Elmo’s butt by accident since everyone was pushing me then Elmo was looking around to see who did it then I started laughing. So I learned to watch where you're going.