Taco Bell?

Jared Roman


            I was leaving the movie theatre, and I just saw the movie “Red Tails” with my dad. We were getting picked up by my father’s friend, Yasmin. On the way home we all realized we were hungry, so we decided that we would go to Taco Bell. Thats where it all happened.

I thought to myself, “I’m going to eat a taco from taco bell, cool.” I wasn’t too excited, I was after all only going to eat a taco, I’ve done that a bunch of times. I got to Taco Bell, and my dad then  ordered the family 12 pack. I took a golden taco, it shined like the sun. I took a bite into the crunch masterpiece. ‘Bam...” I was struck with an overwhelming amount of emotions.

I was so happy we came to Taco Bell. I was ecstatic, filled with the sweet and sour taste of the taco. It was amazing, and I was craving more. I had about 6 more tacos after that. I was craving more tacos, but I knew I would have those taco again.

Today I look back and laugh at how funny I was. I’ve consumed several tacos from Taco Bell.Now, I can always go for a good taco from Taco Bell. They are amazing.