leaving mommey

Christopher Balbuena
Everybody with their luggage and with their coffee. I Even saw people  crying because their leaving their parents.Im in the airport for the first time. ” I am so happy that I am going on a airplane”  my brother stated. “I can’t believe  that I am going to Mexico” my sister whispered to my ear. I am so hype that I am going to Mexico.          “Flight 53 is going to leave in 20 minutes” the operater yelled. My father said “ we got to leave your flight is about to leave”. “ Now let say good bye now” my sister remarked. “ Why you can’t come with us mom and dad” my brother sadly remarked.” I have a big job to do” my father said. my little brother started crying . I told my mom “ this is it right” “yea” my mother said. My mom remarked “I am going to miss you”. And I was like “I haven’t been this far away from you”. And I started crying. My dad said “ I would always be looking the same moon.          I am happy that I went to Mexico because I got to see my grand parents. But throughout that summer some days I would cry. And I need to see my mom. I  will just look up in the moon. I will always call my mom every sunday. And i will always remember to look up the moon.