Worst Action Figure Collector

Jennifer Marintinez


             On a hot, summer afternoon, I was sitting on the floor of my living room waiting for my father to come. My father usually comes home at 4:00p.m or 5:00p.m. While my brother was watching television, I heard the apartment door open. Today I was surprised to see my father come home at 3:20pm. He told me to come to him since he had a surprise for me. When I walked up to him, I looked and I found out it was a Dragon Ball GT Goku figure.



            As I started walking towards the kitchen, I could smell my mom’s delicious cooking. I then went to the kitchen to show my brother  and he asked “Hey Jenny, do you want to play with me?” So I told him sure and he went into his room to get the Dragon Ball Z Krillin action figure. Now is when the real drama starts. My brother told me to play with the Krillin toy while he played with the Goku GT toy. I told him it’s not fair that you get to play with the Goku toy if it’s not even yours. He yelled at me back that the Krillin toy was broken so he let me keep it. I screamed at him back that the Krillin toy is not broken, it’s just missing a part. As I marched towards him to get the Goku GT figure back, the saddest part happened. My brother broke the Goku GT figure’s arms and right leg. I started crying after that until it was eight o'clock at night, which I fell asleep. After that day I never saw the Goku GT figure ever again.


            Now that I’m older, I understand emotions and feelings better than before. The argument me and my brother had was just a misunderstanding. Right now, I regret walking up to my brother just to get the Goku GT figure back. I still have the figure but his arms and right leg pieces were never to be found. My brother hid the figure from me for six years now, but I still found it and will never let my new Dragon Ball GT Super Saiyan 4 Goku figure I might get for christmas this year, get broken or touched by my brother because you might never know the same thing could happen to the Super Saiyan 4 Goku figure again.