Airplane Ride

              It was an exciting time riding in the airplane. In the beginning I was frightened, but when the plane went up, I wasn’t terrified anymore. I thought it was pretty awesome when the plane went up. When I was up my dad told me to look out the window and we were high in the sky. It was amazing.                          In the plane there was people giving out some good food and they were delicious. The airplane smelled fresh like it was brand new. I heard lots of people talking and heard lots of people talking and lots of babies crying. There was a lot of people in the plane and sitting in chairs. I saw that lots of people were happy when the plane landed.                        At the end we got off the plane and we were in ghana, africa. It was so hot there. We went to our house and it was big. We soon saw our cousins. What I learned is that planes aren't so scary and I like to go on planes now.