The Baseball Game

Kenny Santos


It was a day i will never forget and will never get erased from my was a hot summer day in the year of 2008,i was a 7 year older who always dreamed of being a vip, or a mvp.i was very nervous ,everybody just kept saying that we were gonna lose because of  me.I was ready to give up but my coach came up to me and told me that i shouldn't mind what other people say just follow my heart and have confidence in myself and to try my best.

 I had followed what he said and kept confidence and positive.when the game started he had put me as pitcher.even though i was very nervous i didn't show my emotions to the other team and didn't smile.i kept a straight face the whole game.i heard the crowd getting louder and louder and just  screaming “STRIKE HIM OUT” i felt nervous and excited all at the same time.i had thrown a fastball and the  batter swung at the ball.

   All i heard was screaming and cheering.The umpire shouted “STRIKE ONE” i was so excited i had just strike him out.I had pitched my opponent’s and striked them all out and time after time all i heard was strike one, strike 2, strike 3 and you're out.i had made 3 outs and my team was up to bat.i was the second person to friend had gone first and got striked 3 times.It was my turn to bat,and right there all i knew was that the ball when all the way back t backfield.

        I was running non-stop till i got to home base where i saw the catcher waiting for the ball,my teammates were just screaming at me to go back to 3rd base,i didn't pay attention to them and just kept running and running, i had gotten to homebase where i had thrown myself to the base where i had bum rushed the catcher and made the ball fall out of his glove.The umpire had called safe and we made our first run.from that point on we had a point and they had 0.

   While i was getting ready for the next game i had been doing pushups to get warmed up.i had finished doing pushups and starting putting my baseball gloves on and took my favorite baseball bat out of my book bag and started swinging it.this bat was like no other bat,for me it was very special and worth everything i was a metal bat,it wasn't that heavy or that light it was right in the middle.i had made my first hit with it.i had gone up to bat and looked at the pitcher right in the eyes.i had started laughing at him and told him i was gonna hit a homerun.i had started saying “the pitcher cannot pitch,the pitcher cannot pitch”.he had pitched the ball and striked me out.i just said in my head man whatever i'll hit the next one.he had pitched again and striked me out one more time.he pitched me the last ball and i swung,i thought i hit the ball but then i heard the umpire call out strike 3 you're out.i was so mad,he had started laughing at me but i just ignored it.we had won the game 20-16 and i was glad we did.

            everytime i look back at that time i think to myself”well what comes around goes around”.