Sliding Down

Celine Pena
In my bedroom, layer after layer, after layer. Sweaters t-shirts, turtlenecks and even more. My cousin Annette shrieked from downstairs saying “ Hurry up slow poke everyone is waiting !” I energetically ran down the stairs to see my cousins, Annette and Stephanie with my sister bundled up and confident for the day.

Once we stepped out we breathed in that fresh crisp air. It was frigid outside. Everything was caked with snow. The trees naked without their leaves. A stellar day for sledding I pondered.

We dashed across the street like as if we were being ran after. My cousin grabbed the trash can tops and handed them out. We trudged up the hill in boots and everything and collapsed on the trash can tops. I feel the hard snow on my sides, the rocks and twigs on the ground right before pushing off. I look back and see the old man peeking through the window.

Impatiently I asked,” Is this a good idea!” Everyone said “ OF COURSE IT IS !!!” THe excitement was in the air and the look on our face showed it.
As we plunged down the hill holding hands hollering. I let go of their hands, as I swiftly passed my cousins.  The taste of victory was right on my tongue of not being caught yet by my mom. We repeated this a million times. It felt like hours but it was really only one. This was the most amazing time I ever had. Until the grumpy old neighbor came out and started to yell, “ GET OFF OF MY LAWN!!!” We ran back to the house laughing the whole way, where a burning cups of hot chocolate was waiting for us in my aunts hands.