No Goodbye ?

Allison Guzman

It was a hot spring day and i was coming home from school with my older brother. When we open the front door and get into the living room i saw my mom and my older brother crying they’re tears were like coming as if they were clouds. I asked what was going on so my mom had told me i’m sorry but your grandma died i found it so shocking, unbelievable. I , impatiently bursted out in tears in my room. It was my dad’s mom who had died and he still did not know so my mom was trying to compact my dad but he would not pick up the phone.


            At that moment my dad got home at 3:30pm from work. When he got home my mom told him and he suddenly hugged her, and me. They impatiently went online and bought 2 flights to Dominican Republic and left that same day. I had to be left alone in the house with my aunt and 3 brothers, i could not go because those days i was taking the state tests and i really wanted to go but i couldn't. My mom and dad had left for 2 weeks. My mom went out shopping to pack some of her clothes and my dad also, they were packing and impatiently left to the airport at 2:00am, i didn't even get to say a meaningful goodbye to them because i was sleeping.


            Everyday that my mom and dad were over in Dominican Republic i would call them everyday to see if everything was fine. I was alone in the house with my aunt and 3 brothers, and my cousin. Everyday i studied for my test. Before each test i wisely took , i would pray so everything would have been cheerful. Everyday over the phone i would tell my mom and dad to bring me a picture of my grandma to keep it as a memory and i still do, because my mom and dad bought it for me after the 2 weeks in Dominican Republic. To think that i didn't get to spend any last boldly few days with my grandma before her dyeing. I remember me and my grandma would buy a sweet bag of marshmallows and eat some every day they were her favorites.Godbye