Fly Away, Cat

Justin L. Mercado




            I was in my house, laying down on my bad, in my room watching t.v, with a cat in my room making a lot of noise. I’m in my house because I’m celebrating my birthday. Its day time in the summer on my birthday. My family is there setting up the house for my birthday.     

Theres a cake in front of me. My family is around me and a cat is near me. Making noise and scratching me on my leg. I got the cat as a present because it was my birthday.

I hear a cat meowing really loud. Its scratching me that I started to cry I was crying because the cat was scratching me hard and it hurted. So I picked up the cat looked at the ceiling and throw it up to the ceiling and it died. This was a mistake that could happen to anybody because maybe a couple of people killed an animal by mistake.