Swimming with the Fishes

Charlos Do

I put on my goggles rapidly. I was, so excited. I rushed very swiftly to the pool like a cheetah after it’s prey. I leaped very high into the air. Finally as I am descending I create a splash as big as a tidal wave. The next thing I knew though, was I was blacking out.

I was only seven years old and I did not know how to swim. I was barely breathing and I was forcing myself to open my eyes but I couldn’t. The voices around me were fading away. I was awake for only a minute then I felt a if I was about to fully blackout in two seconds.I could not believe it. I was afraid.I thought that the last thing I would smell would be the chemicals of the water. I thought I was a deadman.Then suddenly I felt a hand.

I knew I was out of the water, but I was still trying to catch my breath. I still could not open my eyes. After a minute I finally opened my eyes to see my dad. I expected to had gotten saved by a lifeguard. After waiting a minute I finally got back in the pool. The only difference was I was in the small end. I felt like a giant kid at a small area. The bright side to that day was that I learned how to swim.