!Trip To Busch Garden!

By Tiffany


It was a very hot day like around 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Me, my aunts , cousins ,and my uncle were driving to Busch garden. It took us 4 hour to get there, my uncle said,” we’re going to stay in a 5 star hotel for 2 nights”. My two older cousins named Emily and Tifford were energetic to go to Busch Garden. When we got there me, Emily, and Tifford were getting ready to go in theme park. Tifford told me the first ride we going to is the biggest one from the theme park. I was shock to hear that, the name of the ride is called Apollo’s Chariot.

When we were waiting in line I notice it was our turn. I was so shocked I started yelling when the ride did not even start. But when it did I was so out of my mind that I wanted to get off. But no I was stuck in the ride when we got far up I can see the whole theme park and the parking lot. it was horrifying. When the ride slowly go down my heart was beating very fast, yet it was a fake drop. After that the ride drops down 242 ft. I felt butterfly ticking my stomach to death. I yelled so much while we were going down I couldn't even breathe. My two cousin were talking and listening to each other while we downing down too. It was picture time we all know where the camera was because Tifford told us where it was. So we made faces while the picture was taken.

      When we got out the ride we all look at our picture it was the hilario us on there. After that we went to the ride one more time because there was a shorter line. But we did not only go on hat ride w start walking around looking for other rides and tart going on it. We had a lot of fun and I will never forget that memory.