Full-on Rage Mode

Brandon Nandalall
It wasn’t very cold that day but there were huge piles of snow about the height of a truck. It was after school. My friends Jonathan and Indurain were hanging next to the preschool across the schoolyard. We started talking about the teachers. “Ms.kelly is such a bum” Indurain said. “Totally” I said. We continued to talk when we all got hit by a group of bilingual students with snowballs. There was about 7 of them. We all got furious so we walked to confront them. When we got to them 2 of them hit jonathan thats when it all happened.

My friend Jonathan kicked one of them into a mountain of snow. I had no idea why we started fighting but I joined in anyway. Indurain had some vulgar words to say but I won't say.I grabbed 2 of the kids by their coats and threw them to the floor. Once I had threw them towards the ground I grabbed one kid by his throat and punched him repeatedly everywhere, I then stomped on the other student. I saw this all slow down in my head as the fight went. Once I was done I stood above them red with rage and screamed like a barbarian “what now?” I knew what I was doing was horrible but it was too much fun. Another student ran and tried to attack Indurain he punched the boy directly in the nose. You could hear the impact from far away. The kid in the snow got up and indurain pushed him into the car next to us. I kicked the last kid and the stomach and ran away. There was only 3 kids left.

Jonathan picked up a big piece of ice and hit another kid down.After the damage was done my friends and I have left victors. We started laughing while they sat and lay there. After that we all split and I went home. Some kids ran away so I don't believe my point was made completely. Don't mess with ME!