The Last Visit

Jessica Campos

      It was the middle of the evening and I was at my neighbor’s house. Actually it was my best friend’s house, her name was Kristina. I saw many bright colors around her room, other than blue and purple or and dull colors. Kristina showed me a lot of her stuff and let me use it for a while, like swing on. At that point she gave me a firework.           

     At my house we played and Amber joined in, she’ Kristina’s twin sister who’ the opposite of her. We played UNO with my mom when Amber focused on my brothers action figures. I was about to miss her so it was our last. It was night and the sisters walked home and I felt relaxed from playing being energetic. We remembered the times at school, at my birthday party and that was the first time knew she was my neighbor. Then at tomorrow they moved away, and her house was for sale and empty inside.           

    Now I moved on and made new friends in my new schools. Actually I never fail, well sometimes and I changed a lot. Because I was looking forward to everything after that last visit.