A tragic day

luis rodriguez

.      It all started when I was playing basketball together, then he told me, “That’s it, I need to go change because I am going somewhere”. I said “OK”. Then I left to my other cousins house, there me and my cousin were playing it was a really hot day, so we dash to get some ice cream i the supermarket.


      Eventually it was turning night; my two cousins and I were eating dinner in the backyard. Later on at night we went to bed, me and my cousin were telling each other “scary bedtime stories” that’s a game that me and my cousin created when we were like 4-5 years old.


      Later on when we were sleeping it was like the phone ringing and ringing all night long. Then my uncle woke up and asked my aunt if the phone was ringing. Then he asked me and my cousins and we said “i think so”. Then it was ringing again, my uncle picked up the phone. we were worried because we had a bad feeling. When he picked up the phone all we heard was “Papito died, Papito died”. We all got in the car and went to my aunt’s house.


      When we got there, we just saw everybody dropping tears. I didn’t really what was going on because i was like 4 or 5 years old. Then they told me “Papito, your cousin, is never coming back, you won't be able to see him again, but would always be in your heart.