First Baby Tooth

Mary Encarnacion



 Would it hurt I thought. But better yet, what if I swallowed it while eating, without having notice it was gone.


The day had arrived. My tooth was going to finally come out, but it just felt like a week since the day my uncle had promised to come over and pull my tooth out. It was a summer evening, the sun striking rays of sunlight into the apartment. I heard the open-and-close sound from the door, when my uncle entered the apartment.

He settled the floss on the couch. I caught sight of the baseball game my dad was watching. I was only five at the moment, and i did not have much knowledge on this. In fact, it was my first tooth.

 “Open wide!”, he happily exclaimed, with a big smile, showing his firm, white teeth.

He took a medium piece of string and he tied it around my loose tooth. My mouth was getting watery.

“Getting looser!”, he would say, to me to motivate me and convince me it was almost over.


I stared out into space, at the clock, at the ceiling. When was this over? Once I grabbed on, he pulled on the tooth and it came off. I was relieved it was finally over. The taste of blood entered my mouth. I swiftly dashed to the bathroom, staring at my mouth, now that my tooth was gone.

Looking back today, I miss placing my tongue over the empty space that stood in my mouth.