A Day With My Family

Ernesto Castillo

  It was the last day of school until we had christmas vacation. I called my mom and she said that we are going to your aunts house. I was excited. When i got home and started to pack my clothes, my snacks, and my phone. I told myself i am going to miss my dad and that I am going to have a fun time. We got on the private buses it was a 2 day ride. I fell asleep at 1:00 pm.

 Suddenly we got of and I saw my Aunt I was excited i gently dropped my case and ran to my aunt. I gave my aunt a hug, when I finished to hug her “she stated  that i got you an iphone”. I told her I also got a present for you it was a pair of shoes and a dog collar. we each said merry christmas at the same time. we got home and as soon as we did I fell asleep.

I love my aunt and I told her she was special because she is my aunt and the best aunt anyone can have. I told her when can I come back “she said any time”. I am going to try to come back and see you again. 

          The things i did in my aunts house are: cook with my aunt, played in her backyard, jumped in a broken trampoline, played with her 2 dogs, went shopping with my aunt.