The First Visit

Anisha Patrick

       One hot summer afternoon, me my mom, my dad, my three brothers, my aunt, plus my uncle was all going to Pennsylvania.I was going to Pennsylvania because it was the first time I was going to visit my cousins. When we were driving there, I was bored through the whole way. All I had to play with was my BOP IT and my DSiXL. I so nervous yet thrilled at the same time. I felt nervous because I had never visited Pennsylvania before. I felt excited because I was going to see my cousins for the first time.

When we arrived, I was running all around in a circle. My parents were trying to calm me down but they couldn’t. I had finally calmed down. I had started to play with my cousins. We played some board games, and played volleyball.I could smell the lunch my aunt and my mom was making. I felt the heat beaming all over me. I could hear the talking of my brothers, and the sound of the board games and the sound of hitting a ball. I had an awesome month in Pennsylvania that I didn’t wanted to leave Pennsylvania.

Today was the day we were leaving. I felt so angry that I started crying because I wanted to stay. Although I was angry, I learned that my cousins were Amish and Guyanese. Today I would want to go back to Pennsylvania again and learn more about the Amish people.