A Crazy Ride

Ella Asiedu



I nervously waited on the line to ride the Mountain Ride. My sister and I were horrified. After all the sign did say “The Fastest and Longest Ride” and people on the ride were screaming to the top of their lungs.

 The line was moving quite fast and every time it became shorter I became more terrified. Finally we got to the front of the lines. There was a line for every seat on the rollercoaster. My sister and I were having second thoughts about going. But my mom’s friends wanted us to get on it.

 Once the ride was ready for us I sat in the third to last seat next to one of my mom’s friends. My sister sat in the seat behind us with my other mom’s friend. My brother sat in the seat in front of me by himself. There was about six other people on the ride.

 My sister started screaming once the rollercoaster started moving slowly. It was so ridiculous and funny because the rollercoaster was barely moving and her face was priceless.

 The ride started moving a little bit faster and the next thing I know it’s going at the fastest speed ever. It went up, down, and around. The ride was going everywhere, I felt like I was literally being dragged everywhere in the air. It was like flying carelessly but something holding on to you. The wind was blowing throw my face, it was very windy. I could smell the fresh air around. I got that feeling in my stomach whenever it went down. My eyes were closed most of the time and I was screaming to the top of my lungs as well. Suddenly the ride got slower and that was the end of it.

 After they let us off, my sister ran yelling like a maniac, it was hilarious. Even though it was the craziest rollercoaster ride ever I was glad that I went on it.