Saying Goodbye

Star Pena

As i dash on stage all I  see is everyone sitting in the crowd, staring at me. As i sit it all actually becomes real. I take my seat and think about all the good times i had at PS.54. All at once we all stand up with our blue gowns, we then all begin to sing in harmony. As I am singing I  feel a tear drop trickle down my face. There were so many things am going to miss The recess time,Getting be in class with my best friends. This was going to be the last time i would see them.

The teachers continue saying there speeches about what they were going to miss most about the graduating class of 2011. All at once Franchesca Daisy and I all look at eachother and smile. I look into the crowd and see my mom and my sisters staring at me with a smile. The principle begins to call us one by one and  hand out medals and awards that we earned

As the teachers escort us out the door me and my two best friends take one last look at each other and smile. We all made it through the 5th grade grade together still as best friends. We all walk our separate ways and our blue captain gowns fade away into a blur. Looking back now i wish I would've had a proper goodbye with them.