A Not So Great Adventure

By Jair Martinez Saavedra

 I was waiting there near the staircase for my sister. It was a thursday morning. It was exactly 7:50 Am. My sister and I were walking fast where the bus line was because our bus was leaving in ten minute. Me and my sister were heading to Six Flags. When we got to Six Flags we both were very exhausted of sitting down in the bus for 2 hours. Me and my sister had to wait until the roller coasters were open.

            Finally,they open the place where the roller coasters were. Me and my sister got into a lot of roller coasters. The last roller coaster that we got in was high like a mountain. I told my sister that I was afraid of hights.

             We were waiting on line just about to get on the ride. We already went through the turnstile. That’s when I realized I should have told my sister that I was afraid of heights way before. My body felt numb as I got into my seat. When we went down I Felt an adrenaline rush because we were going so fast. I don’t remember seeing a thing because my eyes were closed but I could hear my sister laughing at me. The ride was finally over. When I got off the roller coaster I was trembling

                 Looking back I think that my fear of heights is more lets scary than before. If I would go back to Six Flags I would be ready for it.