Water Rafting Gone Mad

Domingo Merida




            “Breakfast ‘my mom shouted as I got out of the tent. “ Pancakes, bacon, egg “my mom asked “no its ok I’m not hungry, but can I get some juice.” “Anything “my mom responded. I get up and get ready as fast as flash. I’m done getting ready and I’m psyched “I’m getting on a real boat”. when i to the boating station i see everyone walking , i saw a plastic boat “ what's this “ i asked “ hop on my neighbors friends said.                           




            “I feel asleep “I asked, “yea “my neighbor’s friends said. “Where’s my mom “as I looked around “they’re on another boat” my neighbor’s friends responded. “ I’m in a boat with strangers” i thought to myself. BA DOOP “what was that “I asked. “ i want to get off this boat” I said. “Nope 11 more miles” my neighbors said. “WHATTTTT “I said. After 8 miles we stopped to eat lunch “where’s my pizza “I asked “there’s no more here have half a sandwich” my mom said. At the end I barfed because i didn’t eat much.




            I learned that boating isn't fun when you're on there for hours. Therefore you shouldn’t go on a boat if you aren't with a parent. But at the end it was still fun.