Good Bye Florida

Isaac Espinosa
 Isaac Espinosa                                           10/2/12Class 701                                                Ms.Dedaj                                                                          ELA Good-bye Florida       This memory all started on a warm summer morning in florida. Before I started to live in New York, I lived in Florida. And it was a pretty excellent life there. So I just woke up from having a nice nap when I saw my mom having an episode. She was packing her suitcase. She was also very devastated. My Mom told me that we were going to leave Florida.                   I was shocked and my first tear dropped down my face. I was so devastated I actually tried to convince my mom not for us to leave. But she said that we had no other choice. She told Isaiah and we packed our things. My dad drove us to the airport as my mom told me and my bro the whole story. Before we got on the plane, I took a last gaze at Florida and said good bye.