Darlene Torres

This all started in a very hot day over the summer. It was my second time going over there, we went because we had nothing else to do over the summer. I was so excited to get to Sixflags. I went to Sixflags on a car. I got so bored in the car,it was a wonderful thing that I brought my ipod.

  Once we got there I opened the door of the car and ran to the entrance. Once I got there I heard a lot of people screaming. I saw this ride that looked so much fun. I waited on line, it was a long line I waited for more than 10 minutes. While I was waiting I saw people getting out of the ride, they look that they were cold. I couldn't believe it I heard people yelling and screaming. I finally got time to get inside the ride.I went on a log,this ride has water that was the fun part about it. I got on a log, I couldn't wait untill it started. I heard when the announcement guy said loudly “In your mark get set go”. It went up slowly it was like I was in a roller coaster. I could feel excitement in my body. It was time to go down. My heart was pounding, I looked down it was so far down. I went down i felt all the water splashing at my face. I went on that ride 10 times. It was so much fun.


I will like to go back to Sixflags. It was an amazing adventure today at Sixflags.Im going to chnge my mom’s mind to take me to Sixflags again next year. This summer I just stayed home that was not a fun thing to do all over the summer.