First Day of School

Xenia Rodriguez

      It was September 7, 2011, 8:20 in the morning when I did my first step into JBA for sixth grade. I was extremely nervous , I felt like I was going to collapse on the floor and screech “ I wanna go home!” but no, I holed myself back and acted like nothing was wrong. We had to enter an elevator and go to the cafeteria on the fifth floor.

      When I entered, that cafeteria was capacious of kids I didn’t know. Everyone was having their own conversation “Oh my gosh I miss you girl! how you been?”, “ I feel like I haven’t seen you since a year I missed you alot!” the kids were saying to each other. I felt left out because I didn't know or recognize anybody.

      Then we had to go to the multipurpose room and that was where we were obligated talk. “Everybody team up with one person that you don't know” the teacher commanded. Thats how everyone was able to socialize and make new friends. From that day and on I feel like family with everybody in JBA.