The Worst Of All

Ashley Guzman

               It was a cloudy day outside and I was at the hospital lay down in a bed looking outside wondering when would I get out of here .It was the worst feeling being at the hospital

            Until ...the doctor came into check up on me and tripped over the wire that had the needle in my arm .It felt like it was going 20 miles per hour

            My eyes were pouring with tears that were running down my chest .While  my mother is saying ‘Its going to be fine’ when we all know it wasn’t

            The next day the doctors came in and said ‘We have to give you the shot that the doctor (Male Doctor) tripped over” that was officially the worst ,when i notice it was time for that shot

             I went crazy i was crying more than i ever did it was like if i was filling up a river .They grabbed my hands and feet so i won’t move .That was the worst of all so i started to yell and yell until they finally let go i felt relaxed and when each doctor came to check up on me i was making sure i wasn’t another shot.

             Looking back now i realized it was for my own benefit and i shouldn’t be frightened of the hospital and doctors