Fear of Flight

Isabel Valle

            As we get strapped in I think “what made me do this.” I began to relax and breath. I start to feel the tightness in my chest as I wait. At last I am relaxed however not for long the floor is being lowered down and I seem to panic. My dangling feet begin to swing, letting me see my shoelaces. My seat begins to advance forward until I can not see the docking as we make the turn.

             We begin to raise up. I begin to look upward at the blue warm sky as we got higher into the air. I can feel the goosebumps on my arms and legs as we got higher.It might have been 90 degrees that day but I could still feel the chills down my back. I started to guess how high am I from the ground. 230 feet? Maybe 250. As we get higher I can see the whole amusement park to my right. People taking pictures, children laughing. Even the delightful smell of popcorn and the smell of cotton candy.(Not eating breakfast didn’t help me out at all!) As we got closer to the top I see a bird soaring by me. “ I can see the car from here!”my sister shouted. When we were at the peak . For a moment I am on top of the world nothing to stop me but soon that emotion changes very quickly. My jaws tighten in. “ I am going to die.”

             The speed and rush goes through my face. My hair is going behind me as we go down. I feel butterflies and sickness in my stomach however it begins to change. I open my eyes and see the ground then all the sudden me being swished up. We make a turn and begin to go upside down. My face changes to a smile because I seem to be enjoying the ride. The wind in my face, the speed and excitement I feel! Sooner than later we come back to our starting point.  “ Can we go again?”