Bye Friends...

Cherlynn Bernardo



“ So here we are, “ I thought while putting on my blue cap and gown. It made me feel fat. It was graduation day for us, me and my friends. I didn’t know how I felt about leaving my     “ second home “ or all the friends I called “ family.” I was all mixed emotions, about separating. I couldn’t think about that now, I had a graduation to finish.

            We’ve started to walk up the stairs towards the gym or auditorium. I saw a bunch of people inside, making me have butterflies in my stomach. Which caused me to almost trip on my heels. We were starting the candle ceremony, some of the 4th graders were there to help us with the candles. “ I’m so afraid, Christy. What if like, I don't know burns my hair? “ I whispered to her. We had to pass on the flames on the candles, get into two lines ,and blow them out.

            After all the speeches, we had to sing some songs. During one of the songs, I almost burst out laughing. My bestest friend had an older brother who started dancing during the song, and accidentally face smacked the teacher who I hated most in the school. We got up to the song which made me cry off all my makeup.

            In my mind I knew I would cry, I tried to hold it in looking up at the sky, but my tears started to stream all the way down to the ground. It was pretty noticeable because first of all; I was in the front. Also as soon as the song ended our Vice Principal ran up to me with a box of tissues. Now I’’m in the 7th grade remembering all of it. Since then I’ve been visiting the school now and then, because they’re still my family.