Cut and Loose

Rodolfo Fabian

It was Saturday, 12:36 pm on an Autumn night. The night when I would be terrified forever. I was in my room as the as the music down stairs was booming throughout the entire apartment. As my sister was constantly on the computer. I ask her

 “Where’s dad? Why is he coming so late?”

 “How am I supposed to know?”

 “Thanks for the help” I said sarcastically I laid on the white silk bed imagining where my father could possibly be. I went to the bathroom where I notice my mother actively doing my father’s laundry.

“Mom has dad called”

 “Not that I reckon why?”

  “I’m a little scared it’s some late what could he be doing?

” Your father is just running a little late he will be here any second.”

“Thanks mom” I left the bathroom and lay on the sofa couch. The theoretical idea of something happening to him constantly was giving me grief.


     The doorbell rang I knew it had to be him. I mean who else would knock on the door at one O'clock in the morning. I ran toward the door as I open the door I saw my father. I looked up at his face and I collapsed completely. This nose was split in two. I felt a thousand needles beginning to stab my heart. I remain silent as I heard a thousand question. My mother  pained  and my sister horrified. The only question I wanted to answer is who did this. I hugged my father with tears of fear and sadness. As I hugged him a drip of blood fell upon me. It felt cold and bitter, my mother dialed 911. Sirens and police cars swarmed into the apartment like locust. The doctor put him upon the cot and the police ask him question about the one responsible.        


      To this day I remember this event  taught me the world is cruel. But where there is lose there is hope. The police never did found the one responsible . But I guess we never get our justice. I must we need to forgive and forget, regardless of the pain.