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Meeting a New Family Member

Submitted by jkaydee on October 6, 2012 - 5:52pm.
Angelina Tejeda
Meeting a New Family Member



        One afternoon in December while walking home, I heard my heard my uncle yell to my mom “Ivelise!” My mother looked back and saw that my uncle pulled over. My uncle parked and everyone got out. I asked my mom “Who's that?” My mom answered “That’s your cousin Ingrid, she came from the Dominican Republic.”

       I was too nervous to go and say hi and I was revealed because she came to me instead and said “Hola me llamo Ingrid.” I was happy at first but then that shock of my nervousness came again. After a few weeks Ingrid and I started getting better, and now (the present day) Ingrid and I are more than just cousins we are the best of friends.

        I am happy that I met Ingrid. Ingrid and I are like twins. Ingrid and I go and do everything together because we know each other more. I feel like im the only cousin in new york that knows her best. I love Ingrid and Ingrid loves me back.