The Gift

Mei Li

                                                          The Gift


                                                             By: Mei Li


     When I reached into my drawer I found a particular box and five red envelopes. It was a pair of crystal earring and lucky money. By looking at that earring and lucky money, it brings me a wonderful memory.

That day my mom,dad,sister and i was going to Canada to visit my family on Thanksgiving. When we got in front of the house, i saw my cousin, Amy and her mom standing outside waiting for us. Amy and her mom welcomed us in.the house was vast and looks unique. There are thing that look so old and valuable. The house was also colorful . It makes me feel like i am in my dream home. After meeting each other, everyone started to separate and do their own things. The woman gossip and laugh, other adult talked and drank tea. Amy took us around the house and then took us to her room...

When it was 6:00, every one was busy preparing for tonight dinner. We had Asian Fusion food. When i was playing games with Amy and my sister, we cold smell fish and dumplings drizzling on a pan, and hear the sizzling sound of tofu being fried. We cold imagine fungus looking likes chocolates , and the rick creamy taste of mango pudding. Green vegetables stuff up our nose. But there was a smell that caught our attention . Its smells like something being burn. Maybe its grilled or BBQ.

Everything was almost ready. My mom called us. We sat in a cushy chair and used a decorated table. The house was full of happiness.

After that Thanksgiving dinner, that is when Amy gave me the earring and my family gave me red envelopes. It was a superb day. I really enjoy spending time with my family. The gifts were very important to me because i don't see my family so often. When i feel bad, by looking at these gift it bring me back to this memory.