My Best Friends


My Best Friends


By: Rosanna Flores


        If my best friends were to leave me or if something ever happened to them, the world would end and I would die. I cant live without them they mean the world to me , if they leave it will be like someone stabbed me in the heart with a knife. My best friends mean the world to me, there like sisters to me. Without them I don't know what i would do, I will hate to leave or lose them. There the best there always there for me when I need them or when I need something. They will always have my back for anything, they will never say bad things about me behind my back. If I need someone to talk to I know who to go to I will always be there for them and they will always be there for me to. We are more then classmates we are family/sisters we treat each other like family/sisters. In conclusion, my best friends are the ones that are always there for me. We always spend time together in school and outside school. We do everything together we cant and we don't want to be separated. Being with them I have learned a lot, for example I have learned the true meaning of being an amazing best friend, I also have learned the real meaning of trusting each other. My best friends are one of a kind and they will never be replaced, they will always be in my heart.