Tyrese's Memoir


     I just woke up from a beautiful nap. My grandma told me to hurry up and get dress. I asked her for what grandma. She said that my cousin Kenneth friends are here. They were supposed to take me to Florida with them. One of his friends picked me up in his jeep with his other friends. We were all going to the airport to fly to Florida. I was scared to even get on the plane. I was terrified to get on planes and to fly in the air. I always thought that flying was a horrible thing. But it wasn’t so bad so anyways I went to the car with my entire luggage. My grandma Phyllis walked me towards the 4 train on Jerome Avenue. They were all waiting for me there well only 2 of them were. We had to go pick up the other friends that were traveling with us. My cousin Kenneth trusted these people so my grandma didn’t mind me going with them. When we were loading the entire luggage I thought that I saw my grandma tear up once. I started to tear up a little. When we were driving away I was a little scared. We had to go to somewhere else to pick up some other people. After we picked them up we went to J.F.K or LaGuardia. We got on the plane and was about to take off. But a delay took place. We had to get off and get on another plane because they found skin under the plane. I was confused when they said that. I thought they were talking about skin from a human being or skins the chips. So we got off and got on a different plane and took off. I was talking almost the whole ride.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                After the plane ride                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I remember the time when I almost died in Florida. It was my cousin birthday party in the pool down the road from his house. His name was his name was Ishmael. He was turning 8 or 7 and I was 9 or 8. We were all swimming in 3 ft. everyone was there such as my grandma, aunts, and my cousins. I don’t remember what part of Florida it was. This whole day was crazy let me tell you how?

                                8 HOURS EARLIER              

      The day all started when everyone woke my cousin up to say happy birthday. We all went to a place called Denny’s. We ate breakfast there. We had drove about 30 minutes in Ishmael`s mother car. She had a grey or purple Kia car, but it was big for a lot of people to fit. So anyways we drove all the way to Denny`s. On the way there we were singing happy birthday and having fun. So when we got there we got a table and sat down. Everyone order their own food. I had got bacon and eggs and pancakes. I don’t remember what anyone else orders because I was just worrying about my food. So when we were all done my other cousin (not the birthday cousin) threw a piece of egg at my cousin (the birthday boy) and missed completely. He had hit a police officer walking in the store by an accident. So the police officer came to him and said are you the one that threw this here egg at me. He was very scared and said yes officer by an accident. The officer said I could arrest you for that (he was playing around the whole time). My cousin didn’t know he was and started crying and said you can? The officer said yes I can. He also said that’s an assault to a police officer. So the officer took his handcuff off from his belt and said I’m going to arrest you. My cousin started crying out of control now. My aunts and my family started fake crying so it could seem real. I was quiet the whole time. Right before he was about to put the handcuff on he said just messing with you and everyone started laughing. The whole time he said to everyone that wasn’t funny. So we got back in the car and headed back home.               

                                30 MINTUES LATER.                

      We got back to the house and my cousin thought that was it. He was sad because he thought we were doing something more. My aunt told him to stop being sad because we are going to the pool for a pool party. He was so excited when they said that. I was too to be honest. I thought we were done. So my auntie Teresa got in her red or silver car. She went to Wal-Mart or gap and brought me some swimming trunks. She brought me cars swimming trunks because I loved those. When we all change to our swimming gear some people took the car down the road and some people walked. I walked with my mom when she was walking. When we got there I took my towel and stuff on the nearest bench. After that I jumped in the 3 Ft. it was cold at first so I got out and put my feet inside it. When it got warm to me I got in.my cousin Ishmael jumped in the pool too. We had fun together when the bad things started to happen. When I was trying to float I went in to five feet. I tried to swim out but I wasn’t a good swimmer. I started going in and out of the water. I was trying to say help! But I was under water so I wouldn’t able to say anything. I was lucky enough to be next to barrier when it happened. I went under water and jumped back up so I could breathe correctly. When I finally got to the barrier I jumped out the pool and was happy to be out of the water. After that I went and found my aunt Teresa and told her what happened. She took me to my mom and said Meka did you know your son almost drowned? She said what you mean he almost drowned. She told her what I told her. My mom looked at me and told me to sit down and I did. I was happy to be out the water. And that’s the story of how I almost died in a local pool in Florida.