My Brother Kevin


                           My Brother Kevin

                                              By: Anabela Campos

    It was that day that moment when I became a baby’s boy big sisters for the first time. November14, 2008 at The Allen Pavilion was the day he was born. My legs were shaking and I was desperate to see him. I remember everything like if it was yesterday. When I saw him he was perfect and gorgeous just like I imagined him. I love how he smelled like new born and I loved how he would cry when he was hungry but I was too distracted touching his little tiny hands.
     When I first carried him it was at the hospital he kind of smiled, he was so tiny in my arms he’s nose grouched like if he was to start crying. I wanted to keep him all to my self. My second visit wasn’t so good I couldn’t see him because of this problem that had happened with him when I walked in the room I heard crying I was worried that something had happened to him. I asked what had happened but it was nothing, she was crying because she wanted to go home with her little baby. When I got to school I would waste my time talking about how perfect he was and how I love he’s tiny hands. I told my friends how I would get jealous when other people caring him.

    Finally November 17, 2008 was the day I could take him home. I ran as fast as I could just to get home and play with him. When I got home they were feeding him. I speeded the hole entire day just looking at him and playing with him that I even forgot to do my homework. He’s really special to me even though has peed on me twice .This is one of my favorite memoir, one that I would never forget.