Gauchos Vs. Dream Team


                                                         Gauchos vs. Dream Team


By: Elijah Jones


                                          As I walked in the gym I could hear the crowd screaming, “Lets go Gauchos!”  The 9 and under team was playing and it looked like a nail biter.  As I was walking to get a Gatorade the Dream Team coach bus pulled up in front of the gym.  I ran inside the gym as I put the money.  The Dream Team had blue and black adidas warm up suits.  They looked like they were ready to win. I got a Gatorade and made my way to my dad.  As the final buzzer sounded both teams went on the court.  The gym was hot and the air conditioner didn’t make it any colder.  My stomach was turning and I felt like I was in a washer machine.  We warmed up doing layup lines. I snuck a couple of looks on the other side and they looked good.  The best player on their team was number 2.  As the referee called the captains to half court I said,” Good luck.”  He gave me a snicker and said, “You gunna need it.”

                                          Tip off time and we got it.  They passed me the ball while I was driving up court.  Number 2 came from behind me and poked the ball away.  I looked at the ref but he just stood there.  Number 2 layed it up.  I got the ball off the inbound and remember being the last guy on the floor so nobody is behind me.  When I faced up with number 2 he was talking a set load of trash.  I dribbled between my legs and doing a crossover blowing by him and dishing it of to Anthony, tied ball game.  As I walked by I said, “Bro your ankles ok?”  Later at the end of the first quarter it was Gauchos 15 and Dream Team 12.  In the second quarter one of the Dream Teams players got hurt.  It was kind of scary because none of us knew what happened.

                                          When the final buzzer sounded I was scared to turn my head.  We had won! All that hype was for no reason.  The score was 56 to 50.  I felt like I was god and everyone was my angle.  I was on top of the world.            

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