Legalize It: Marijuana

Maya V.

Do you have chronic pain that prescription medication cannot help? Marijuana may be able to.  For this reason, marijuana is very beneficial to modern society. Recently, 18 states have legalized marijuana and 16 of them for medical purposes. However, New York is not one of those states. Without a doubt, medical marijuana should be legal in New York State. 
First, marijuana is not addictive unlike other self-social remedies or self-medications. According the New York Times “Legalizing Marijuana Causes Health Concerns” by Roni Caryn Rabbi, scientist agree that on average less than 10 pecent people become addicted to marijuana. Over 15 percent of people become addicted to alcohol. While 32 percent of people become addicted to tobacco 23 percent of people become addicted to heroin. Also, more than 6 million Americans become addicted to prescription painkillers or abused them a year (http://www.narconon.org/druginformation/prescription-drugs.html).
Furthermore, marijuana helps with serious medical problems. According to ukcia.com, marijuana has been reported to help cancer patients using chemotherapy by lessening the side effects caused their treatment and has been proven stop metastasis in many kinds of aggressive cancer such as prostate, brain and breast cancer (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/19/marijuanaandcancer_n_1898208.html). For example, two year old Cash Hyde was diagnosed with brain cancer and barely made it. During Cash’s chemotherapy, he did not eat for about 40 days. Martin, Cash’s father, gave his son cannabis oil and he says “His pain was gone immediately. It was incredible to see him sit up and eat a piece of cheese. It showed me he wanted to live.” Marijuana has also help ease the pain of patients with AIDS, epilepsy, glaucoma, chronic pain, labor pain, migraines, and multiple sclerosis (http://www.ukcia.org/medical/medicalusages.php). Therefore, marijuana should be considered as co-prescription drug so it could help with sever medical conditions.
However, people say that marijuana should be illegal because it is a gate way drug to other illicit and illegal products, such as cocaine, opium, methamphetamine, and estacey. This is incorrect.  The University of Pittsburg did a thorough 12-year study and found that these allegations are incorrect. The University’s evidence states the “likelihood that someone will transition to the use of illegal drugs is determined not by the preceding use of a particular drug but instead by the user’s individual tendencies and environmental circumstances,” (http://stopthedrugwar.org/speakeasy/2009/may/28/researchprovesmarijunanot_ga), (http://scienceblog.com/12116/study-says-marijuana-no-gateway-drug/). In Amsterdam, the cannabis plant and other drugs aren’t illegal. There crime rate is down and the addiction has been controlled. “It is virtually impossible to overdose on marijuana,” says Roni Caryn Rabbi (New York Times). Therefore, medical marijuana should be legal in New York because it is not a gateway drug to illicit illegal drugs.
In conclusion, medical marijuana helps society. Medical marijuana is a non-toxic, non-lethal painkiller. Also the government would save about 13.7 billion dollars if it was legal (huffingtonpost.com). If you want to make a change, write a letter to your congressmen and contact your fellow New Yorkers. Therefore, medical marijuana should be made available to anyone in a medical state of pain to ease their medical and emotional discomfort.