Ban Styrofoam!!!

   Are leaching chemicals affecting the nations health? Yes. Styrofoam causes pollution.when Styrofoam containers are used for food, it affects human health and the reproductive system. The food, affecting human health and the reproductive system. The government should ban Styrofoam!    First, Styrofoam does not break down easily and it releases chemicals when it gets wet. Also, Styrofoam is made up of polystyrene which is a petroleum based plastic that is not healthy for humans. These facts were found on (http://www.greenliving.com) the government should ban Styrofoam      Next, according to http://www.greenliving.com Styrofoam not only pollutes the air but also produces loads of liquid and solid waste that needs disposal. Furthermore, the brominates flame retardants that are used on Styrofoam are also causing concerns, and some research suggest that these chemicals might have negative (-) environmental and health affects. This is a vital situation that needs to be handled. Styrofoam plates should be banned!    However, people who disagree with this do have a point because, since a long time ago we have been using Styrofoam and they want to keep the tradition moving forward. But at the same time people need to understand that Styrofoam can cause fatigue and weakness, and can cause minor effect on kidney function and blood.   In conclusion we need to be able to be grateful of what we have and use it wisely like the earth! Let’s treat it the right way and stop pollution! Cause at the end of the day we are only harming ourselves. If you feel sympathy or even can empathize try and make your voice speak! It’s a matter of time when we can’t do anything anymore so let’s start now! What are you waiting for? Pick up that mouse and keyboard and start typing. J