Enticing Foods!

Sarah S.


Chicken nuggets, pizza, burgers, cheese sticks… sound great? No, not when it is served day after day with little to no flavor. Some students tend to skip lunch, even though it is an important meal because they feel it should be better. By “better”, school lunch should be more nutritious, and have more food choices instead of having monotonous lunch served. There should be more beverages served other than milk. In addition, the portion sizes of the food(s) are too small. Therefore, school lunches should be better!

First of all, school lunch should be nutritious, unlike the “mystery-meat” some schools serve. It is unappealing to most students. According to the National Review, (www.nationalreview.com), the first lady often complained about better school lunches because of having soggy pizza, spongy chicken nuggets and gray vegetables. Therefore, school lunch should be better, in addition to being healthier.

  Secondly, the portion size of the food served is just outrageous! According to Fox News, (http://www.foxnews.com), small portions of food don’t result in a healthier body. Statistics show that schools that serve more food, keep the students up and running throughout the school day. Therefore, school lunch should serve more cuisine.

On the other hand, receiving better school lunch can cause a possibility of less fun afterschool activities because of less money from purchasing better food/lunch. According to the New York Times, public schools have to face the rising cost of serving “better” school lunch. Also, according to the website, www.washingtonpost.com, school lunch is already unhealthy, and if students get more servings, then it would eventually become unhealthier than it already is. Should we really receive better school lunch?

In conclusion, lunch should be upgraded. It boosts our metabolism and gives students energy for the rest of the day. Though school children are advised to be eating healthy, they can’t always do that with the food provided at schools nationwide. Improved school lunches require nutritious foods, different food options, and different beverages, along with an increased portion size. School lunch should be better!