Knock Out The Phones

Harpreet. K
            Ring! Cheating and distractions in classes are just some of the problems cell phones are. They don’t let kids study in their school work. Besides they make them fail.  Phones should not be allowed in school. 

            First, phones make kids get distracted. For example, according to Journal of Humanitarian Affairs about 67% of schools have banned phones because it distracts kids. Another example is from Fox news; bells are not the only things ringing phones are too, that’s how kids get distracted. Another example is from BBC News, the country top inspector Ray Kelly is going against phones because kid’s got distracted. About 48% of kids don’t do well on tests because of the phones ringing.

            Then, kids take there phones where every they go. For example, according to Kingston Community News, five out of four teens carry phones with them even in schools. Another example is from The 402 (411) a few years ago the Lincoln public school so serious against cell phones because a lot of the kids in the school had phones. Another example is from CNN News, these days kids do texting like writing on paper. Researchers say that kids do 300 texts a day.

            On the other hand, kids should have phones because of safety reasons. They can call their parents if they got hurt or it is a vital emergency in school. But, kids just use it in school for no reason. They text and text and make other kids get distracted. Phones even let the kids cheat.

            In conclusion, students should not have phones because it makes their grades horrendous. About ever single teen or kid you see has a phone and using it for bad things. Phones can make other people fail because of the noises the phone is making.Phones are Phones are invidious for teens and kids.