Arts and Music:They Want it Back!

Alina P.

Many schools across the U.S. have cut funding for arts and music programs so that they can have more money to spend on books for other subjects. Some school officials think that these humanities' subjects are not as important to students’ education. This is atrocious! Thus, schools should offer arts and music programs to children every week for congenial grades.   

     First, kids need to stimulate their minds in other ways than studying. When children are in extracurricular activities like arts and music, they tend to be more focused and get discretionary grades. According to the Journal of Research in Music Education, study of high schoolers show students attending top quality music programs scored 22% preferable in ELA and 20% better in mathematics than teens who didn’t take these courses. Also, Art Education partnership reported that SAT scores for students who studied the arts for four years, were 103 points higher than students with no coursework or experience in the arts.

     Secondly, students can do something constructive during their free time. An abundant number of students use their free time to play video games which most are violent.Therefore, kids can become influenced  to join gangs or commit other felonies that would be detrimental to themselves or others. One tragic example of this is when a teenage boy in New Mexico killed his entire family on January 22nd, 2013, after playing an action-driven video game.

    However, by putting more arts and music programs in schools, it can take time away from other course subjects like math and reading. For example, there are two state tests on ELA and math, parents and teachers want to dedicate more time and work to ensure that students are well-prepared for them. On the other hand, kids need to express themselves in order to achieve success in school. 

    In conclusion, children need to have arts and music classes in their schools. Not only will these classes help them academically, but incrementally improve their understanding about the world that they live in. Furthermore, these skills can teach them how to better interact with others and may stay with them for many years to come.