Natalie N.

        Did you know that tobacco kills 5.4 million people every year? Tobacco is a plant that people chew, smoke and smell. It’s not good for our health. Therefore, tobacco should be illegal.

         First, tobacco should be illegal be illegal because it causes numerous problems. For example, it causes many deaths. According to (studymode.com), when a person uses tobacco only once, the nicotine travels through your bloodstreams and it causes a change in your body in some way. Tobacco also causes many chronic diseases, such as; cancer, heart disease, stroke and chronic obstructive lung disease. These diseases often cause death.

     Next, tobacco causes severe health problems. Tobacco is also extremely addicting. According to New York Times, 32% of smokers get addicted to tobacco. That is caused because of the nicotine it has. Nicotine causes addiction. Therefore, it could change many things in a human body because of nicotine.

     On the other hand, some people think tobacco should be legal. For some smokers, tobacco calms them, down, or helps them forget about their problems. If the smokers get addicted to tobacco, they are probably used to it on a daily basis, so without it; it would be shambles for them. But if it was illegal it would make a big difference with smoker’s health.

     In conclusion, tobacco is detrimental for our health. It causes a lot of problems and deaths in our world. Therefore, tobacco should be illegalized.