Saeed A.

Recess is not just for little kids, (though adults have thought the opposite) it’s for older kids too. Just because 4th, 5th, 6th, and higher grades than that have older kids, it doesn’t mean that those kids can’t have recess or a shorter amount of time outside (than those who are younger than them). Besides, research has proven that schools that have a longer amount of time spent on recess (than most schools), also have children that get higher averages on their report card each year. Even better, schools that have longer recess time also have students that focus more in class. Therefore, schools should let kids have a longer time spent on recess.

     First of all, in the past when schools didn’t cut down on recess, students learned to get along with each other nowadays, kids are getting bullied more often. Mostly because they don’t know how to socialize with each other.  Children often feel neglected/strange when they don’t get enough recess. A child named Gilboa states ,“I get this feeling in my legs when they want to run and that feeling moves up to my head and when that feeling moves up to my head I can't remember what the rules are”. This what many students feel like when they don’t have a shorter recess.

     Secondly, there’s the obesity problem with kids, millions of kids today are obese. Sometimes due to the lack of recess schools give. The more a child goes outside during the day the more he/she would be more healthier. Obesity leads to cardiovascular problems, cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, and worst of all death at a premature age. That’s why the amount of recess kids get everyday is a matter of life and death.

     On the other hand, school officials do have a sensible  idea adding more time to class by cutting down on recess. As recess is not always perfect, for example recess contains older kids who like to tease and push around students that are “nerdy” or are a grade below them or in a simple word : bullies. Many students get distracted during class when they encounter a bully or get threatened by one. This shows that schools are keeping students safe from bully’s by giving a shorter recess, When bully’s can strike their next victim.

     Therefore, schools should increase the amount of time spent on recess. As recess is a vital key in education, as it keeps kids focused in class. Recess is also a matter of life or death because a child who is obese can get to bigger problems as death. So in conclusion schools should give kids at least an hour of recess everyday, as no recess can lead to problems with the future generation of children.