Keep The Uniforms!!

Rajot P.

Would daily fighting about clothing make a great environment to learn? The Department of Education made a very successful breakthrough in 1962 when school uniforms were launched in the U.S. and because of this schools have been relying on uniforms more than ever.  Schools should still keep uniforms for years to come.

          Firstly, school uniforms have provided more discipline by stopping violence and crime. Before uniforms, students who were members of a gang were able to sport their gang's "colors", which would often cause fights among other rival gangs. Also, before the special school attire more students were prone to suspension because of violation of school policies' such as inappropriate clothing. However, after the uniforms were established, 91% of students were less prone to suspension [www.greatschools.org]. Also, statistics show that the number of assaults committed in grade 8 was reduced by 85% [kids.lovetoknow.com]! Now bullying has also been reduced because previously kids were harassed or beat up because of the specific brand of clothing that they wore. Now, since everyone will be wearing the same thing, no one will be picked on. So, this also ensures a better social life at school.  

          Secondly, uniforms have also provided parents who have a low income an advantage by helping them save money while shopping for clothing to wear at school. Most kids ask their parents for the latest pair of shoes or designer shirts, pants, coats and more. All this will usually cost a tremendous amount of money, either for one item at times or just one set of clothing. However, uniforms cost as low as $65-$75 for up to 3 sets of clothing[ www.lbusd.k12.ca.us]. Also before uniforms, students would mostly focus on what to wear to school the night before rather than checking over their homework. Students would also focus on clothing and "style" during class, instead of, focusing on class work. But, after uniforms, 44% of parents claim that their children focused more in class and got better grades!


          On the other hand, other students claim that uniforms infringe their freedom of expression and violate the rules of the First Amendment. However, students still have other various ways to express themselves such as hairstyle, hair color, nail color, tattoo's (for students reaching the age requirement)  and more.  So, wearing uniforms is not the end of the world even if they are a major way to express a person. Also, students claim that this school attire  does not look nice or drab. However, since uniforms are so popular around the country, trend setters are making the khakis look "cool" so many people are loving the idea to wear them.

          In conclusion, uniforms have made the world a better place. Every year, students are getting better grades and getting a better education. With uniforms we can further expand their learning possibilities because this way more students will focus in their studies as stated before. Uniforms have brought a change sweeping the country. From stopping suspensions to paying attention in class, these school attires have made it clear that they should still be used now and forever because of all the great things it has done and certainly will in the future.