Healthy School Lunches

Mastura .M

Students around the world are getting sick! They are also unfocused at school because of the food that’s being served at their school. Research shows that everyday healthier kids develop their understanding in school better. That’s why they get higher test grades. Also tasty school lunch keep students contented. Student in middle school should have more nutritious lunch in school like fruits and vegetables every day.

First, some schools don’t realize that they are serving food with a lot of unhealthy ingredients. For examples more calories, a lot of fats and too much sodium are some of the most popular ingredients in a student’s lunch. According to Susan heavy from Health University of Arizona snacks sold in United State schools are not lower in fat, salt and sugar. Some schools provide few fruits so, the students choose sugary drinks and fatty meals according to the website(http://www.commons.encyclomedia .org/ healthy /food: rates). Most of the schools in the US serve burger and just in the buns there’s about 2,000 calories, 2,400mg of sodium and 65g of fat. Too much of these ingredients are causing obesity.



Next, most high schools have a lot of students that get sick and left home. According to the website (www.nber.org/digest) about 80% of the kids in South America gets stomach ache or through up in school after eating the school lunch. In Canada 33.5% of the students are obese. In some schools like in Ohio, obesity causes the students not to come to school because of some of the kids not treating them right said Laura Vanderkem from Harvard university. When students through up a lot, they get fevers, get sick and have a head ache and that can lead to flu according to Martha Valved from Health University.  

However, some schools do serve healthy food. More than 20% of the Middle Schools around the world serve healthy food. Also some schools are working hard to raise money and get healthy food. After studying at Health University of Arizona Jeremy Quattlebaum found out that since 1946 some of the national school Lunch program has provided America’s children access to healthy food. The school lunch services people progressed a lot for serving nutritious food at schools since the year of 2000. School lunches in the US provide one-third of the Recommended Dietary Allowances of protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, iron, calcium and calories over the course of one week of menus.


In conclusion, some schools do the right thing by serving healthy food. One big thing all the school lunch aids learned that, it is vital to keep our students healthy and safe so we can have a better population of students in that school. Don’t you want the students in your school to say,” I can’t wait to eat out tasty school lunch”? To all the school lunch aids throughout the world keeping kids to stay healthy is our job. Do something and take your big step.